Take Two for October 16, 2012

California cities ask voters to approve tax on soft drinks

soda ban

Mina Kim/KQED

Jorge Cota and his mom Linda Ramos at Children's Hospital in Oakland. Cota weighed more then 320 pounds before cutting soda and junk food from his diet.

From New York City to California, local officials are pushing ideas to get consumers to cut down on soft drinks. Health experts say sugary drinks like Coke and Pepsi contribute to obesity and diabetes.

Now two California cities, Richmond and El Monte, are asking voters to approve taxes on those drinks. If voters say yes, they could be the first in the nation to tax sodas, energy drinks and other sugary beverages.

But experts disagree on whether getting people to change their behavior is more complicated than adding pennies to the price of a soda.

The California Report's Mina Kim has more.

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