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Frank Stoltze asks voters 'what's your issue?' at Carolyn's Cafe in Redlands

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Frank Stoltze in front of Carolyn's Cafe out in Redlands, Calif.

There are two initiatives on the November ballot that would reform California's criminal justice system: Props 34 and 36.

Proposition 34 would eliminate the death penalty and replace it with life in prison without the possibility of parole. Proposition 36 would revise the state's three strikes law. It would require the third strike to be a serious or violent crime. Currently non violent crimes can be counted as third strikes

To hear which way voters are leaning on these and other issues, we turn now to KPCC's political reporter Frank Stoltze, who has set up shop at Carolyn's Cafe in Redlands.

Click here to see full coverage of Frank's meetings with voters

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