Take Two for October 22, 2012

Iran and US to discuss Iran's nuclear program after the election



Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, uses a diagram of a bomb to describe Iran's nuclear program while delivering his address to the 67th United Nations General Assembly meeting September 27, 2012 at the United Nations in New York.

While we're talking about intelligence gathering and the CIA, let's look at one of the intelligence community's biggest challenges: Iran.

The New York Times reported over the weekend that Iran and the United States agreed to direct talks over Iran's nuclear program after the election. There's hope the a diplomatic resolution could avoid a conflict in the region and even convince Iran to halt development of a nuclear weapon.

There's a lot of confusion about Iran's nuclear program: how far along has it come toward actually producing a weapon?

Dr. Jim Walsh studies international security at MIT, he specializes in nuclear weapons. He joins the show to give us a picture of what Iran's nuclear program looks like.

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