Take Two for October 23, 2012

Obama And Romney Spar In Final Debate Before Presidential Election
President Obama and Mitt Romney faced off for their third and final debate last night, with a focus on foreign policy.
It's fitting that that our next story comes from the country which sentenced Galileo to house arrest for life after he proved that the earth revolves around the sun.
St Louis Cardinals v San Francisco Giants - Game Seven
The World Series will be between the Detroit Tigers and the SF Giants. Although this is Dodger country, there are some die-hard fans living in LA rooting for each team.

Author BA Shapiro on her latest novel, 'The Art Forger'

Last week thieves made off with a spectacular haul of seven valuable works from the Kunstahl Museum in Rotterdam. And this week an established New York gallery was reported to be the center of a federal forgery investigation.
Benda Bilili - Photocall: 63rd Cannes Film Festival
This week LA music journalist Steve Hochman shares three albums. The first is by the LA band Very Be Careful, it’s called “Remember me from the Party?”
President Obama shocked both parties last night when he announced in the debate that sequestration was not going to happen.
Serving Spoon

KPCC's Frank Stoltze talks issues with voters in Inglewood

So were any voters paying attention to last night's remarks on sequestration?
Clostridium difficile
Two hospitals in San Joaquin County reported high levels of the deadly intestinal virus C.difficile in 2010 and 2011. We’ll take a look at why these two hospitals have so many cases of the virus and the role that testing methods may play.
Divided families grapple with immigration law

Divided families grapple with 1996 immigration law

In a nation built by immigrants, they thought they could pursue their American Dream — with loved ones at their side. Instead, they're living an American nightmare that's tearing families apart and forcing Americans into exile.
A visitor admires a beluga or white whal

Noc the beluga whale mimicked human speech patterns

New research shows the first documented case of a whale spontaneously mimicking human speech. Producer Meghan McCarty explains the curious case of Noc, the talking white whale.
International Myeloma Foundation Hosts the 4th Annual Comedy Celebration Benefiting the Peter Boyle Fund - Inside

Ray Romano takes on a new role in 'Parenthood'

Ray Romano talks about his new role, his career and the lasting legacy of his "Everybody Loves Raymond" character.
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