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Take Two for October 24, 2012

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GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Campaigns Day After Final Debate
Today, President Obama visits Iowa, makes a stop here in Los Angeles, and will end his day Las Vegas. Governor Romney begins his day in Vegas, then heads east to Iowa and Ohio.
Obama And Romney Spar In Final Debate Before Presidential Election

Obama campaign's reaction to Romney's momentum in the polls

Edward-Isaac Dovere, Deputy White House Editor for POLITICO, joins the show to discuss how the Obama campaign has reacted to Gov. Romney’s momentum in the polls.
St Louis Cardinals v San Francisco Giants - Game Seven
Tonight, the San Francisco Giants play the first game of the World Series, after winning the National League title Monday night against the St Louis Cardinals.
World Series - Media Day
There's a place much farther south of the border that produces lots of good baseball players: Venezuela
Monarch the bear
The story of Monarch: his life, death, and fascinating relationship with William Randolph Hearst.
Audra Ang
Audra Ang spent seven years as a reporter in China where she fell in love with its food and its people.
Immigration Activists Demonstrate In Los Angeles
Is it “illegal immigrant” or “undocumented immigrant”?
A  worker paints the stage in front of t

Romney sees Latin America, not China, as land of opportunity

Mitt Romney described Latin America as a land of opportunity in the last presidential debate, calling its economy almost as big as China’s.

Former AEG employee turns Spotlight on corporate tickets

Spotlight Ticket Management, founded five years ago in Calabasas by a former AEG employee, helps businesses manage corporate tickets.
Black Cat

POLL: How fur-color stereotypes affect cat adoption rates

A new University of California, Berkeley study looks at the stereotypes humans attribute to domestic cats and their coloring, as well as how that applies to adoption rates.
Mark Helprin
Writer and political commentator Mark Helprin talks to us about his new book “In Sunlight and In Shadow," a tale set in the post-World War II New York City.

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