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Take Two for October 25, 2012

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CA Governor Jerry Brown Holds News Conference On Pension Reform
First, a look at the ballot here in California. New polls show the majority of voters do not support Prop 30, Jerry Brown's tax initiative.
It’s only days to go before Election Day, and Take Two heads to Florida where a mountain of ads, fiery DVDs, and fierce campaigns have swept over the state.
California Health Care Facility, Stockton inmate housing under construction

CA officials to ready nation’s largest prison hospital

Opening the Stockton hospital will determine how soon a federal judge might end his oversight of the state's medical care for inmates
Meningitis Outbreak Traced To Framingham Pharmacy

Should CA tighten restrictions on compounding pharmacies?

Today in Sacramento, state regulators are meeting to discuss tightening regulations on compounding pharmacies. This comes after 24 people died and more than 300 became ill after receiving contaminated steroid injections produced at a pharmacy in Massachusetts.
Proposed California Budget Cuts Threaten Adult Day Health Care

State accused of denying seniors day care access

More than 2,000 seniors are trying to get back into a state program that gives them physical therapy, mental health treatment and a chance to socialize.
Richmond, CA Hit Hard By Foreclosures
A new RealtyTrac survey shows home foreclosures in Los Angeles have dropped to their lowest levels in five years. Prices are starting to firm up too.

How will Obama, Romney address the housing crisis?

Talk of housing has largely been absent from the presidential campaign until recently.
As the U.S. begins to scale down its military presence in Afghanistan, it appears that the so called "war on terrorism" is also winding down.
Hillary Clinton is set to walk out of the State Department for the last time in January. Up until a few weeks ago, her term as Secretary of State was going smoothly. She enjoyed high approval ratings and is widely seen as more popular than the president.
World Series - Detroit Tigers v San Francisco Giants - Game 1
Now a follow up to a segment we did on yesterday's show about the popularity of baseball in Venezuela.
Alpha Centauri B

New Earth-size planet found orbiting Alpha Centauri B

Perhaps our dream of traveling to a planet outside our solar system is just a bit closer to becoming reality. Last week, astronomers discovered a planet circling around the star Alpha Centauri B.
The Gender Trap book

How parents unwittingly fall into 'The Gender Trap'

At baby showers all over America, it's almost always the same: blue for boys, pink for girls. But what if a choice as simple as baby clothes can lead to gender inequality in adults?

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