Take Two for October 26, 2012

Youth vote excitement over Obama campaign dimmer compared to 2008

Michelle Obama Urges Iowa Grassroots Supporters To Get Out The Vote

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Student Courtney Johnson (R) votes on the campus of the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) on September 28, 2012 in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Voters filled the polling place which had been set up on campus for early voting following a nearby rally with first lady Michelle Obama. Yesterday Iowa began early voting in select locations throughout the state.

President Obama is winning the youth vote, but excitement over his campaign has dimmed compared to 2008, and his lead over Gov. Romney is slightly smaller in places where it counts most, the swing states.

Lena Dunham recorded a promotional video to support Barack Obama:

Take Two talks to Rock the Vote’s Heather Smith about the mood on campuses, and how much the candidates need younger voters.

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