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Take Two for October 26, 2012

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Michelle Obama Urges Iowa Grassroots Supporters To Get Out The Vote
President Obama is winning the youth vote, but excitement over his campaign has dimmed compared to 2008, and his lead over Gov. Romney is slightly smaller in places where it counts most, the swing states.

Is the Great Recession redefining retirement?

College students are struggling to get a job is this economy, in part because baby boomers are delaying retirement.
Matthew Lin

Campaigning for Assembly's first Asian-American district

Matthew Lin and Edwin Chau face each other on Nov. 6 to represent the Assembly's 49th District, the first dominated by Asian-American residents
As we do every Friday, we turn now to producer Meghan McCarty and her Weekend Alibi. But we're doing things a little different this week.
Economics of Child Care - 1

What makes a work place 'family friendly?'

What would you do if your child woke up with a 104 fever? Would your employer let you stay home? Meet some Los Angeles employers who rank high on the family-friendly scale.
Jim Murray Book

New book looks at the legacy of sports writer Jim Murray

The Los Angeles Times columnist Jim Murray is a legend among sports writers. He's covered everything: baseball, football, horse racing. You name it, he's covered it.
East LA Classic - 1

PHOTOS: High school football fans prepare for the East LA Classic

High school football stadiums will be packed with big crowds tonight for the East L.A. Classic — the biggest football game in L.A. KPCC's Vanessa Romo reports.
Gov. Jerry Brown
The Fair Political Practices Commission—a California election watchdog group—is filing suit with an Arizona based non-profit in an attempt to reveal who donated $11 million to influence Props 30 and 32 on the California ballot this November.
Brooklyn Castle
Remember cheering on the students in the documentary "Spellbound," and wincing in pain during the ballet film "First Position"?
Obama And Romney Spar In Final Debate Before Presidential Election
James Rainey, political columnist for the LA Times, and Heidi Moore, U.S. economics editor for the Guardian wrap up the big stories of the week and look ahead to the final week before the presidential election.

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