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Can the severity of Hurricane Sandy be linked to climate change?

by Take Two®

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In this handout GOES satellite image provided by NASA, Hurricane Sandy, pictured at 1440 UTC, churns off the east coast on October 29, 2012 in the Atlantic Ocean. Sandy, which has already claimed over 50 lives in the Caribbean is predicted to bring heavy winds and floodwaters to the mid-Atlantic region. NASA/Getty Images

While politicians are staying mostly mum on climate change, Hurricane Sandy has a lot of folks talking about the topic and wondering whether global warming is to blame for the imminent uber-storm.

100 demonstrators affiliated with the environmental activist organization 350.org gathered yesterday on Times Square to make a statement about the storm and climate change.

But can this super storm really be linked to climate change? For more on this, we're joined by Jyotika Virmani, associate director of the Florida Institute of Oceanography.


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