Take Two for November 1, 2012

What happens if Prop 30 and Prop 38 both fail?

Prop 30 and 38

David McNew/Getty Images

A voter walks from the polling place inside Fire Station 38 in Pasadena, California.

It's been an expensive battle between Governor Jerry Brown's Prop 30 and attorney Molly Munger's Prop 38. Both initiatives would increase taxes to fund education, and both are facing an uphill battle.

Prop 38 would raise income tax for almost all filers to help pay for schools, while Prop 30 would temporarily increase the sales tax by one quarter of a percentage point and increase the taxes on single filers above $250,000 and couples over $500,000.

Today's Field Poll shows support for both initiatives has dipped, especially for Prop 38. At the same time, the number of undecided voters for both props has actually increased.

 Joining us to talk about what will happen if both props fail is Political Editor for KXTV in Sacramento, John Myers. 

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