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Making haiku poetry out of the California ballot

by Take Two®

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Workers at the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder County Elections Operations Center pack materials to be delivered to polling places into ballot boxes on October 23, 2008 in the Los Angeles-area community of Santa Fe Springs, California. Citizens in 31 states including California have begun early voting in the November 4 presidential election. David McNew/Getty Images

If the election has you feeling a bit overwhelmed, we totally get it. Not only do you have to choose candidates, here in California we have 11 propositions on the ballot.

So to help you brush up on those props, we came up with a succinct and and relaxing review. Get ready for some Proposition Haikus.

We asked our staff to write poems in the traditional 5-7-5 syllable style explaining what would happen if each prop passed.

Prop 30:
Tax on rich and sales
increases by just a bit.
Funding for our schools.

Prop 31:
Two year budgets, with
New governor powers, more.
Too long to haiku  

Prop 32:
Paychecks are hands off
For unions and companies
giving to campaigns  

Prop 33:
Car insurers give
discounts to old friends - switching?
Still keep that discount  

Prop 34:
Man commits murder
Before - state could sentence death
Now - that's not allowed  

Prop 35:
Human traffickers
Their prison terms would increase
Many fines they will pay  

Prop 36:
Three strikes modified
Life sentence only when crime
Is quite serious  

Prop 37:
G-M-O label
Right to know but exemptions
Health risks are unclear  

Prop 38:
Income tax increase
will raise billions each year for
Californian schools  

Prop 39:
Companies that earn
Will have to pay tax despite
Never being here  

Prop 40:
Redrawing districts
will be job for real people
not politicians  

Measure B:
Porn stars must practice,
safe sex with condoms, by law.
Or pay fines if not.  

Measure J:
Extends transpo tax
and speeds up projects, like the
Subway to the sea.

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