Take Two for November 5, 2012

Gov. Jerry Brown
This morning, the state's elections watchdog Fair Political Practices Commission released the names of the secret $11 million donated to influence Propositions 30 and 32.
Union members run elections phone bank to defeat Prop 32
For more details now on Prop 32 and its chances of passing, we're joined by KPCC's Kevin Ferguson
In Profile: 100 Years In US Presidential Races

Fact checking the multitude of campaign radio ads

Campaign radio ads are expected to break records this election season.

Making haiku poetry out of the California ballot

If the election has you feeling a bit overwhelmed, we totally get it. Not only do you have to choose candidates, here in California we have 11 propositions on the ballot.
Romney Campaigns Throughout Swing States Ahead Of Presidential Election
President Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney are making their final appeals to voters today. Obama will make stops in Iowa, Wisconsin and Ohio while Romney will zero in on voters in Florida, Ohio, New Hampshire and Virginia.

The thrill of victory and agony of defeat in politics

Although most think that these kinds of emotions are only found in sports, its also evident in politics, too.

Is the CIA drama 'Homeland' as realistic as critics claim?

Last night, fans of the hit Showtime drama "Homeland" tuned in for the latest chapter in the ongoing saga about a CIA officer named Carrie, played by Claire Danes, and a POW turned terrorist played by Damian Lewis.

Get informed before casting your California ballot

There are eleven propositions on the California ballot for voters to weigh in, including everything from abolishing the death penalty to the labeling of genetically modified food.

Patt Morrison examines progressives' current views on Obama

No suspense about how California will vote in the presidential race. The latest field poll shows President Obama leading Governor Mitt Romney by 15 percentage points.
Early voting starts in Colorado

How voters in swing-state Colorado are seeing the election

Colorado is an important swing state with rapidly changing demographics.
Los Angeles County District Attorney race, Jackie Lacey, Alan Jackson

District attorney race features two very different candidates

The race for District Attorney hasn't received much attention this election season, even though the office wields enormous power over the Los Angeles County criminal justice system.
It's been a week since Hurricane Sandy ravaged the east coast, and more than 100 people were killed and millions of homes lost power. As temperatures dip into the thirties, nearly a million New Jersey residents still have no electricity.
Mercer 8914

Fanpire: Why some women can't get enough of 'Twilight'

The fifth installment of the "Twilight" film franchise, "Breaking Dawn: Part 2," comes out later this month.
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