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Xbox's 'Halo 4' game hits shelves today

by Take Two®

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Master Chief stands guard at the Liechtenstein border during the HALO 4 launch by Xbox 360 on October 29, 2012 in Balzers, Liechtenstein. Xbox 360 became the only brand to ever transform the Principality of Liechtenstein by taking over iconic landmarks, including a 13th century castle to create a real-life 'Halo' universe within the heart of Europe. Halo 4 on the Xbox will be launched on November 6, 2012. Getty Images/Getty Images for Halo by Xbox 36

The fourth installment of Xbox's multibillion-dollar first-person shooter Halo video game franchise comes out today.  

Since its 2001 launch, the Halo franchise has sold around 46-million games worldwide and has generated an estimated $3 billion. There are Halo toys, a web series, tournaments, books and more.

And some analysts expect Halo 4 to be one of the highest-selling video games of the holiday season. Here to talk about the game is Dan Ackerman, senior editor at CNET.

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