Take Two for November 6, 2012

Checking in on SoCal polling places

It's the day that we've all been waiting for, election day. We'll check in with KPCC's Corey Moore and Ruxandra Guidi who'll be on location at various Los Angeles-area polling places.

The environmental impact of the US presidential election

Today, President Obama is back in Chicago and Mitt Romney is at a rally in Cleveland after voting this morning near his Boston-area home. Later today he will travel to Pittsburgh before flying back to Massachusetts.
Noreaster Brings Record Rains, Floods To East Coast

Nor'easter storm heading toward Sandy-ravaged East Coast

The East Coast is still trying to recover from the punch delivered by superstorm Sandy. 106 are dead and over 1.3 million homes and businesses are without power.
 Spade-Toothed Beaked Whale

World's rarest whale identified by New Zealand scientists

The rarest whale in the world, the spade toothed beaked whale, has never been seen alive. However, today in the science journal “Current Biology,” DNA test results are published that reveal two carcasses found in 2010 on a beach in New Zealand were the carcasses of this very whale.

Can a re-imagined and walkable downtown save America?

The traffic in L.A. is enough to drive anyone crazy. But if you're city planner Jeff Speck, it could inspire you to write a book.
Experience: HALO by Xbox 360

Xbox's 'Halo 4' game hits shelves today

The fourth installment of Xbox's multibillion-dollar first-person shooter Halo video game franchise comes out today.
Mojave Cross

Stolen Mojave Cross found by the road in Half Moon Bay

The famous Mojave Cross returns! The 7-foot-tall metal monument, erected in 1934 had been destroyed and reconstructed over the years. But its legal battle before the U.S. Supreme Court is what really brought it to national attention.

China leaders prepare for secretive 18th Party Congress

No matter who wins the presidency here, he'll soon be dealing with new leaders in China.
A Yemeni man shows his ink-stained thumb

How international voting methods differ from the US

Around the world there is a huge diversity of voting practices. Take Two gives us a brief list of the ways some countries vote.
Frederick Hoxie This Indian Country
The names D'arcy McNickle, William Potter Ross and Vine Deloria Junior might not mean much to you. They all played integral roles in the history of American Indians, yet we seldom hear about them.
 Jen Lekman
If all this election business has got you feeling a bit wound up, you may want to unwind this evening at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood.
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