Take Two for November 13, 2012

Former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus Gets Teaching Position at USC

More bizarre details emerge in the Petraeus-Broadwell saga

Racy texts and emails, high-level officials and a jealous lover. There are more twists and turns being uncovered today following last Friday's resignation of CIA director and former General David Petraeus due to an extramarital affair.
Met Office Predicts Coming Winter Will Be Colder Than Average

NASA may open deep space station on far side of the moon

NASA may be planning to build a base just outside the moon's orbit, which would be the furthest humans have ever travelled from Earth.
Chinese workers inspect a solar panel at

California at center of solar power trade war with China

Solar panels are at the heart of a trade war between China and the United States. Federal trade officials recently authorized sanctions against China for "dumping" solar components on the U.
Solar Eclipse Draws Crowds To North Queensland Vantage Points

VIDEO: Watch the total solar eclipse in Australia

Thousands have gathered in Australia today to see the first total solar eclipse in a decade. We have embedded a video stream, which is set to go live at 11:30 a.m.

Why is the US health care system so complicated?

Dahlia Remler is a health economist and professor of public affairs at the City University of New York, but her struggle with her plan put her health and finances in jeopardy.
The civil war in Syria threatens to widen beyond its borders following the latest actions by the military. Turkey is protesting a bombing in a rebel-held Syrian town near the Turkish border.
New York And NJ Residents Struggle To Recover One Week After Superstorm Sandy

Do urban public schools provide a strong enough education?

Parents in Southern California face a lot of choices when it comes to schools.
Sophie B. Hawkins

Bringing Janis Joplin back to life in 'Room 105'

Sophie B. Hawkins plays Janis Joplin in the musical, "Room 105: The Highs and Lows of Janis Joplin,” which covers Joplin’s entire life and ends with her overdose in room 105 of the Highland Gardens Hotels in Los Angeles.
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