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Take Two for November 14, 2012

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Commander of NATO troops in Afghanistan,

How the military handles issues of adultery

Former CIA Director David Petraeus is scheduled to testify tomorrow about the diplomatic mission in Benghazi before the Senate Intelligence Committee. This will be his first public appearance since the scandal broke.
Generals Scandal
Now to Tampa, Florida, home of CentCom and of socialite Jill Kelley.
New Climate Report Names Current Decade As Warmest On Record

How will California's cap-and-trade program work?

Molly Peterson and Matt DeBord explain how California's new cap-and-trade carbon market will work and who it will ultimately affect.
California Air National Guard pararescuemen climb a rope ladder

Allegations of harassment and racism in the CA National Guard

While the national media have been focusing on Generals David Petraeus and John Allen for alleged inappropriate conduct, accusations of inappropriate conduct in the military have emerged here in California.
Pioneers from the French Foreign Legion

A look at the modern-day French Foreign Legion

The French Foreign Legion has developed a lore of haunted romance, but it is still an elite fighting force made up of renegades and fugitives who are sent out on some of the most difficult and harrowing missions in the world.
President Obama held his first news conference in eight months.

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