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Campbell's soup aggressively markets to Millennials with new packaging

by Take Two®

Campbell's soup is changing the packaging of some of its soups to appeal to the Millennial generation. Campbell's Soup

The Campbell's soup can, which inspired one of Andy Warhol's iconic pieces of pop art, is getting pushed aside in a bid to attract younger consumers.

Campbell's Soup is repackaging its product in an effort to appeal to the Millennial Generation, which is generally understood as consisting of those born between the late 1970s and and 2000.

Called Campbell's Go, the new line of "globally-inspired" soup comes in a microwaveable bag that the company hopes will appeal to millennials who are, "on the go." The design of the packaging includes millennial-aged faces looking excited about the new soup flavors, which include "Coconut Curry" and "Chicken & Quinoa," among others.

The company even has a website specificially for Campbell's Go products, which looks like a cross between a Tumblr blog and a Pinterest page, and includes cat gifs offering nutritional information. Campbell's is even encouraging Millennials to create Spotify playlists inspired by its soup flavors. 

However, reception of the new effort has come under criticism by places like Gawker, and Consumerist. Even Stephen Colbert spent an entire segment on making fun of company's new strategy: 

So will Millennials bite, or rather, slurp? For expert analysis, we turn to Sharalyn Hartwell, a strategist for Frank N. Magid Associates.

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