Take Two for November 20, 2012

Can Egypt help broker a truce between Israel and Hamas?

Abbas Meets With Israeli Arab Politician Mohammad Barakeh

PPO/Getty Images

In this handout image supplied by the office of the Palestinian president, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (C) meets with Mohammad Barakeh (2L), head of the Israeli Democratic Front for Peace and Equality, on November 20, 2012 in Ramallah, West Bank. Abbas is preparing to make an appeal to the United Nations on November 29 to grant nonmember status to the Palestinian Authority even as leader of Hamas Khaled Meshal holds truce talks in Cairo with leaders from Egypt, Qatar and Turkey.

We may be close to seeing a ceasefire deal in Gaza. A Hamas official tells Reuters that the ceasefire will be announced an hour from now, and go into effect at midnight local time. 

However, an Israeli spokesman and another Hamas spokesperson say that the deal is not yet finalized. Integral to trying to reach temporary peace has been Egypt: the country's been central to the truce efforts between Israel and Hamas. But will the truce last?

The Israel military reports there was a direct hit on a residential building south of Tel Aviv, and two journalists for a Hamas-owned TV station were killed by Israeli airstrikes.

Joining us from Cairo via Skype is independent journalist Noel King.

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