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Take Two for November 27, 2012

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At the White House today, a group of 15 small business owners from the retail, health-care I.T., transportation and construction sectors are meeting with President Obama to discuss their concerns about the fiscal cliff.
House Members-Elect Pose For Group Photo At The U.S. Capitol
This week, California’s 14 freshman members of Congress are back in Washington for a second week of orientation. But much of the training is segregated, with Democrats on one side of Capitol Hill and Republicans on another.
H&R Block Loses Refund Anticipation Loan Banking Partner
President Obama is focusing on the looming fiscal cliff and how to get Congress to agree on a plan to extend at least some of the Bush-Era tax cuts.If that effort fails, virtually every American's taxes will increase, and tens of millions of American households will have to use two different formulas for figuring their taxes.
Tijuana piggy banks

Plaster piggy banks remain ubiquitous in Tijuana as tourism evolves

Ever since fears of drug violence stemmed the flow of American visitors to Tijuana, the city’s tourism officials have been trying to draw tourists back by promoting its emerging new food, art and culture scenes. But even as officials tout a newer, hipper Tijuana, vestiges of the city’s older, kitschier tourism economy are still kicking.
Trade between Mexico and the United States is one of the topics that will be discussed today in Washington as Mexico's President Elect, Enrique Peña Nieto, is meeting with President Obama and leaders on Capitol Hill.
Every Tuesday record companies usually release new albums, which means we're joined today by Oliver Wang from soul-sides.com and NPR's music critic Ann Powers to discuss the new music you need to get your hands on.
Ethan Chorin
U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, meets with Republican lawmakers today in Washington to discuss her comments about the U.S. Embassy attack in Benghazi.
David Denby's book "Do The Movies Have A Future?"
In his new book, New Yorker film critic David Denby outlines his fears that blockbuster films being made today are having a negative effect on American cinema.
Pakistani worker Ansar poses with a bott

Despite being a sin, some US Muslims struggle with alcoholism

Muslims consider alcohol sinful, or haraam. Despite this belief, some contend with alcohol abuse. And there’s a lack of culturally sensitive programs to address it.
Obama Accepts Nomination On Final Day Of Democratic National Convention
With the Presidential election over, focus is turning to whom President Obama will choose for his second term cabinet. Here in Los Angeles, eyes are on Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and what he will choose to do next.
Sky City China

China plans to erect world's tallest building in just 90 days

Dubai in United Arab Emirates is home to the tallest building in the world. Named the Burj Khalifa, the skyscraper stand 2,722-feet tall and took five years to build.

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