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Take Two for November 28, 2012

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The situation throughout the Middle East continues to escalate. In Syria, twin suicide car bombs ripped through a suburb of Damascus today killing at least 34 people. In Egypt, two of the highest appeals court suspended their work today in protest of President Mohammed Morsi's power grab.
Global Warming Activists Demonstrate In High Tide Flooding Area

Sea levels rising quicker than initially thought

In a new climate study, researchers have suggested that sea levels are rising far faster than previously thought. We speak to Coral Davenport, Energy and Environment Correspondent for National Journal
(FILES) Photo dated 13 June 2003 a femal

Lawsuit takes on US military's women in combat policy

The ACLU of Northern California has filed a lawsuit on behalf of four female service members who say that the Department of Defense's policy has hampered their ability to get the same kinds of promotions that their male counterparts receive.
In Israel, women have already served in combat positions in the Israeli Defence forces for 20 years. Women make up 33 percent of the military, and just last year they appointed Brig.
NBC, Comcast CEO'S Testify Before House Judiciary Committee

Is NBCUniversal's Jeff Zucker a good choice to lead CNN?

And now some news from the world of news... There's buzz that Jeff Zucker, the former head of NBC Universal, will be taking the reins at CNN. Earlier this year, Jim Walton said he'd be stepping down as head of the struggling cable news network.
Learn Something New Every Day
In her new book, "Learn Something New Every Day: 365 Facts to Fulfill Your Life," NPR librarian Kee Malesky enlightens readers on 365 little-known facts.
Rap Brain
A new study reveals what's going on under the hood (i.e. in the brain) when a rapper busts out a freestyle rap on the fly.
US United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice Speaks To The Press After Meeting On Syria

Susan Rice still facing criticism for Benghazi comments

UN Ambassador Susan Rice and potential next Secretary of State is back on Capitol Hill today, meeting with senators. She's been trying to mollify criticism over statements she made after the September 11 attack on the U.
Frank Olson

Lawsuit planned for 1953 death of man CIA drugged with LSD

We turn now to another story about the CIA, one that has become part of popular lore: the curious death of U.S. Army biological warfare specialist, Frank Olson.It sounds like the stuff of "X-Files" or the "Manchurian Candidate," a government scientist working on bio weapons during the height of the Cold War.
Mexico Beauty Queen Killed
A 20-year-old beauty queen was killed in Sinaloa, Mexico this past weeked in a gun battle between suspected drug traffickers and the military. Authorities say Maria Susana Flores Gamez was used as a human shield in the face off.

Still waiting for nuclear fusion at Livermore's National Ignition Facility

The National Ignition Facility in Livermore is a $5 billion, taxpayer-funded super laser project. It's been hailed as the ultimate in revolutionary science and dismissed as the mother of all boondoggles.
peanut butter
If you've had the munchies lately, you may have noticed that some of your favorite organic peanut butters are still missing from the grocery store. As it turns out, that could very well be the case for months to come.

Should kids with cancer use medical marijuana?

In the wake of this month's elections, there are now 18 states which allow the medical use of marijuana. As acceptance of medical marijuana grows, so have questions about its use by young people.

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