Take Two for November 29, 2012

Gay conversion therapy gets its day in court


Michael Smith/Getty Images

A converted U.S. flag displays rainbow colors as people relax on the grass after the fourth annual national march for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender rights April 30, 2000 on the mall in Washington, DC.

While we wait to see what the Supreme Court will do when it comes to gay marriage, a federal judge in Sacramento takes up another controversial issue tomorrow: gay conversion therapy. 

Two months ago, Governor Jerry Brown signed a new law banning conversion therapy for minors, but conservative law groups have challenged the law.

On Friday, a federal judge will hear the first if two arguments brought by coversion therapy supporters claiming that the ban is unconstitutional, an infrigement on free speece, religion and privacy. 

Proponents claim it can help people overcome their homosexual attractions, but critics say such treatments can be incredibly harmful.


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