Take Two for November 29, 2012

New law will allow gay couples easier access to fertility services

Gay couple Jeffrey Parsons (R) and Chris


Gay couple Jeffrey Parsons (R) and Chris Hietikko pose with their son Henry Hietikko-Parsons in the garden of their house in New York on May 01, 2008. Henry was conceived by the couple via artificial insemination and a surrogate mother.Surrogates, who are paid about $20,000 above and beyond medical expenses to carry a child, are responsible for approximately 1,000 births a year, according to the Organization of Parents Through Surrogacy, that records births brokered through agencies and privately over the Internet.

There's a baby boom going on in the lesbian and gay community, a 'gay-by' boom, as some like to call it. But a number of LGBT couples who have trouble conceiving find they don't enjoy the same access to fertility services heterosexual couples do.

A new law kicking in next year could help change that. Reporter Mina Kim has the story.

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