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Take Two for November 29, 2012

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Ruling Expected On California's Anti-Gay Marriage Bill, Proposition 8
The Supreme Court meets tomorrow to decide whether now is the time to rule on the constitutionality of gay marriage.The justices will hold their talks behind closed doors, and one of the cases they're looking closely at is California's Proposition 8.

Gay conversion therapy gets its day in court

While we wait to see what the Supreme Court will do when it comes to gay marriage, a federal judge in Sacramento takes up another controversial issue tomorrow: gay conversion therapy.
San Onofre Nuclear Plant
The San Onofre nuclear plant has been shuttered for nearly a year. Regulators closed the plant in January after discovering a steam generator tube had leaked a small amount of radioactive gas.
Orange County Register

PHOTOS: New OC Register publisher expands newsroom

At The Orange County Register, the new owners are trying something unique in the industry: They’re expanding the newsroom, and putting the emphasis on print, not digital.
Immigration Activists Demonstrate In Los Angeles

Chance of passing a broad immigration reform bill remains slim on Capitol Hill

Suddenly, immigration is the buzz word on Capitol Hill. A pair of Republican Senators floated their idea for giving legal status to young illegal immigrants, and the House may vote tomorrow on a visa bill. But KPCC's Washington Correspondent Kitty Felde says the chances of a comprehensive immigration bill passing both the House and Senate remain slim.

Obama and Romney have lunch together at the White House

At this very moment, in a dining room at the White House, Mitt Romney is having lunch with President Obama. Of course, Romney hoped he'd be the one inviting former President over for a meal.
LA Port Strike

Union strike at Port of Los Angeles enters third day

Most of the terminals at the Port of Los Angeles are shut down this week after clerical workers went on strike, and other workers refused to cross picket lines. The port is the nation's busiest combined cargo complex, and officials say it's the biggest work stoppage in nearly ten years.
Image of the 2011 Federal Duck Stamp
This week Congress voted down the Sportsmen's Act of 2012, which had proposed to raise the cost of the Federal Duck Stamp from $15 to $25.

Mexicans hopeful that Pena Nieto can quell drug violence

Mexican President Elect, Enrique Pena Nieto, will be sworn into office on Saturday in Mexico City. After the ceremony, he'll deliver an address to the country and then meet with a small group of foreign leaders, including Vice President Joe Biden
Rural Uninsured Receive Medical Care In Southern Colorado Clinics
One of the basic building blocks of the Obama administration's health care reform plan involves converting old fashioned paper patient records to electronic form.Medicare officials plan to spend $7 billion dollars over the next 5 years to encourage doctors and hospitals to make this change.
Doctors Seek Higher Fees From Health Insurers

California facing shortage of primary-care doctors

The California Report's Susan Valot reports the healthcare industry is trying to shore up the number of such physicians, but the fruits of that effort might not come soon enough.
Gay couple Jeffrey Parsons (R) and Chris

New law will allow gay couples easier access to fertility services

There's a baby boom going on in the lesbian and gay community, a 'gay-by' boom, as some like to call it. But a number of LGBT couples who have trouble conceiving find they don't enjoy the same access to fertility services heterosexual couples do.
Bottled Up Suzanne Barston
In her new book, writer Suzanne Barston looks at how baby-feeding methods have come to define motherhood.

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