Take Two for November 30, 2012

If trend continues, Mexico poised to outdo China in trade with US

A  worker paints the stage in front of t


A worker paints the stage in front of the Guanajuato basilica for Pope Benedict XVI to use during his visit to Guanajuato, Mexico on March 22, 2012. Pope Benedict XVI will visit Mexico between March 23 and 26 on his first visit to the country.

As we heard, some folks believe Mexico has the potential to become the next China when it comes to trade with the U.S.  Recently, China has ceded some of its manufacturing business to Mexico, Latin America's second-largest economy.

If Mexico continues on its upward trajectory, it is poised to become the biggest exporter to the United States by 2018.

Tom Wainwright, Mexico City Bureau Chief for the Economist, joins the show to talk about how and why Mexico seems poised to become a global manufacturing powerhouse.


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