Take Two for December 3, 2012

The difficult success of animated feature films



Still from the Pixar film, "Brave."

In the past few years, four or five of the top 10 highest-grossing movies have been animated films. For instance, this year, the Pixar Animation film "Brave" made more than half a billion in worldwide box office, all by itself.

Even though today's animated films are usually created with digital technology, the subject matter and target audience hasn't changed much since the days of the Disney classics: fantasy storylines aimed at children, with just enough sophistication so parents will tolerate sitting through them with their kids.

L.A. Times reporter Rebecca Keegan writes about animation. She joins the show to talk about why animated films often go through multiple directors and scores of writers before they make it to the screen, and why Hollywood and animators put up with all the angst.  

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