Take Two for December 4, 2012

Richard Land

Conservative activists meet in DC to talk immigration reform

Today more than 250 conservative activists are meeting in Washington, D.C. for a bipartisan national strategy session held by the National Immigration Forum.
Young people wait in line to enter the o

Why momentum for deferred action has slowed since September

Think back to August: the weather was hot, the presidential race was in full swing and the Obama Administration rolled out something called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.The program offers temporary legal status to undocumented immigrants who arrived in the country before their 16th birthday.
immortal jellyfish
Pat Krug, a marine biologist at Cal State L.A. joins the show to explain more about how the jellyfish cheats death and whether or not it could prove the key to life ever after.
Traffic may be easing thanks to the new toll lanes on the 110 freeway, but drivers are still confused by how the lanes work. Josie Huang reports

Immigrants, minorities especially vulnerable to bankruptcy scams

California court workers are concerned about a new kind of financial scam that takes advantage of people's mortgage troubles. Ruxandra Guidi reports that immigrants, Latinos and African Americans are especially vulnerable.
Twas The Night Before Hanukkah
The new two-CD collection compiles eclectic songs about the Festival of Lights and Christmas songs, written and sung by Jewish performers.
Syria Aleppo
In Syria, fighting between the rebels and pro-Assad forces has intensified all over the capital of Damascus. And there are more signs the Syrian regime of President Bahsar al-Assad has its back against the wall.
Syria Deeply

Journalist Lara Setrakian's quest to cover 'Syria Deeply'

The civil war in Syria has consumed reporter Lara Setrakian. Until a few months ago, She was living in Dubai, and reporting on the Middle East for ABC News.
Comedian Steve Mazan joins the show to talk about his new documentary "Dying to do Letterman." The film chronicles his five-year-journey of trying to perform on "The Late Show with David Letterman" after being diagnosed with cancer.

'Gay conversion' therapy rulings conflict in district courts

A federal ruled the First Amendment rights of psychiatrists eclipsed concerns of danger to young people. Another judge issued a conflicting ruling. An appeals court will likely sort it out.

Need to hitch a ride? There's an app for that

Smartphone applications designed for drivers, ride-sharers, and taxi seekers are starting to come into their own, but they're creating a lot of controversy.Here to tell us about this fairly new class of transportation apps is Samatha Murphy, a tech writer for Mashable.
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