Take Two for December 10, 2012

The lasting legacy of Jenni Rivera

Shane Mosley v Sergio Mora

Harry How/Getty Images

Jenni Rivera sings the Mexican national anthem before the Middleweight bout against Shane Mosley and Sergio Mora at Staples Center on September 18, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

The singer known as La diva de la banda is dead. Jenni Rivera, a powerhouse in the Latin music scene, was killed in a plane crash in a remote area of Northern Mexico yesterday.

She was originally from Long Beach but she rose to dominate the Mexican banda scene,  a popular style of traditional ballads known for their heavy use of brass and sad, soulful lyrics. 

She's one of the only artists who's reached both Mexican and Mexican-American fans, building a bi-cultural and bilingual brand, and selling over 20 million albums during her 20-year career and becoming the first female singers to break into the male dominated Mexican music scene.

Here to talk about her career and life is USC's Josh Kun.

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