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How activists in four states won over voters on the issue of gay marriage

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Jane Abbott Lighty, left, and Pete-e Petersen embrace after receiving the first same-sex marriage license in Washington state at the King County Recorder's Office on December 6, 2012 in Seattle, Washington. The office opened at 12:01 AM PST to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples for the first time after Washington voters chose to legalize same-sex marriage in November's election. David Ryder/Getty Images

While we were all focused on the presidential race, poring over polls and tweeting each debate, there was another major campaign underway. One designed to change the nation's position on same-sex marriage.

On election day, voters in four states approved measures granting same-sex couples the right to marry, marking a major political shift.

Atlantic reporter Molly Ball has written an extensive piece on the campaign to change voter opinion, that led to victories in Maine, Maryland, Washington and Minnesota. 

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