Take Two for December 19, 2012

President Obama Visits Newtown, CT, Consoles Families Of Shooting Victims
In the wake of the Sandy Hook School shooting, President Obama announced a new plan today to curb gun violence in America, spearheaded by Vice President Joe Biden.
South Korean voters have elected Park Geun-hye to be the country's first female president. Producer Josie Huang was in Koreatown this morning to ask residents how they feel about the election.
Alie & Georgia
Alie & Georgia mix up festive and creative cocktails to spike up your holiday party this season.
The Fine Print

How companies use 'The Fine Print' to add fees to your bills

In "The Fine Print," Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Cay Johnston details how the U.S. tax system distorts competition and favors corporations and the wealthy.
Bill Rosendahl - 4

Many key positions to be decided in LA's March election

In March, Los Angeles voters will head to the polls to choose a new mayor, a city attorney and city controller. They'll also elect more than half of the City Council and several members of the LAUSD school board.
The Library Foundation's Young Literati 4th Annual "Toast: An Evening To Benefit The Los Angeles Public Library"
Though none of the major mayoral candidates has a Spanish surname, Eric Garcetti is working to remind Latino voters of their shared ethnicity.
A student on his way to school walks pas

LAUSD ordered to pay nearly $7 million in molestation case

Late yesterday, a jury said the LAUSD will have to pay nearly $6.9 million to a 14-year-old boy who was molested by an teacher when he was in fifth-grade The decision comes as the district faces close to 200 pending molestation and lewd conduct claims arising from another teacher's alleged conduct at Miramonte Elementary School.

Calif. releases fracking rules for first time

State regulators have released rules for "fracking." The controversial drilling process has sparked an oil and gas boom around the country, along with heated debate about the environmental costs.
Shane Mosley v Sergio Mora

Thousands mourn death of Jenni Rivera at Gibson Amphitheatre

Now to Universal City where thousands of mourners are gathered at the Gibson Amphitheater to say goodbye to Latin superstar, Jenni Rivera.La Diva de la Banda, as she was known, was one of the biggest acts in Latin music, and she had recently crossed over into TV stardom with a reality show called "I Love Jenni.
It's OK To Do Stuff

After 40 years, 'Free To Be... You And Me' gets a reboot

Rob Kutner, a writer for the Conan show and musician Joel Moss Levinson reboot the 1972 hit album "Free To Be... You And Me," as "It's Okay To Do Stuff."

Can Conn. school shootings lead to better mental health care?

The Sandy Hook school massacre is fueling calls for mandatory outpatient treatment for the severely mentally ill – particularly those unaware of their condition.
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