Take Two for December 20, 2012

West LA veterans center

Report shows many veterans die waiting for benefits claims

According to a report from the Center for Investigative Reporting, many veterans aren't receiving benefits for their service to this country until after they die.Aaron Glantz has the story.

Secure Communities policy falling out of favor across the US

As the Obama Administration prepares to tackle immigration reform, a part of its current immigration policy is dividing Democrats across the country.Last year, Democratic governors in Massachusetts, Illinois, and New York pulled out of "Secure Communities," even if Immigration and Customs Enforcement — or ICE — insists the program is not optional.
Military Kids Feature - 1

Is training kids to fight back a safe idea?

The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School has drawn attention to a program that trains teachers and student to fight back against armed madmen.
Jeff Yang

Using comics to teach kids about the dangers of guns

Jeff Yang, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal, and his 9-year-old son join Take Two to talk about their comic project, which aims to teach kids the real dangers of guns.
Last month, California voters approved Proposition 36, the initiative overhauled the state's controversial three strikes law. From now on, only felons with a violent third strike will be sentenced to life.
Jeffrey Beard

New CA prisons chief described as nerdy, politically savvy

If confirmed, Jeffrey Beard will lead one of the largest prison systems in the nation, rattled by transition and mired in politics.
Activists Rally Against Fracking Outside California EPA Office

Fracking may create oil boom in California

California...it's the Golden State, it's one of the greenest states, and, before you know it, it'll be the oil state.Because of hydraulic fracking, California might actually be producing more oil than Texas in the next decade.

The fiscal cliff and the art of negotiating

With the 11th hour fast approaching, negotiations to avoid the fiscal cliff appear to have stalled. President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner haven't talked since Monday.

Study: US gun policy felt In Mexico

The touchy debate over gun control — and specifically a new ban on assault weapons — is moving forward after President Obama said he would bring the issue before Congress in January.
Lake Forest
Lake Forest repealed a controversial law banning registered sex offenders from city parks, despite opposition from the Orange County District Attorney.
Christmas In Melbourne

Patt Morrison on how Saint Nicholas became Santa Claus

The image of the rosy cheeked and bearded Jolly Old Saint Nick is etched in our minds. But what about the real Saint Nick? Did he even exist?
new spider heavy metal

The Dinner Party: Grinch sheriff and a heavy metal spider

Every week we get your conversation topics for your weekend dinner parties with Brendan Francis Newnam and Rico Gagliano, the hosts of the Dinner Party podcast and radio show.
Peltzer - 1

Christmas tree farms in Orange County giving way to development

Peltzer Pines Christmas Tree farms, which has sold Christmas trees in Orange County for nearly 50 years, said increased development has made it difficult to find land.

Coming home to Newtown for the holidays

Writer Sean Beaudoin grew up in Newtown, Conn. He joins the show to talk about how he's feeling about heading home for the holidays.
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