Take Two for December 21, 2012

National Rifle Association Holds News Conference In Wake Of Newtown School Shooting

NRA breaks silence about gun control and Sandy Hook

The National Rifle Association broke its week long silence this morning at a press conference in Washington, D.C.
House Speaker John Boehner Addresses The Press On The Ongoing Fiscal Cliff Negotiations
Molly Ball, political writer for The Atlantic and Jim Rainey, political columnist for the Los Angeles Times chew on the week's big stories, including the fiscsl cliff, Boehner's blunder, and more.
Vintage LA Alison Martino

Vintage LA: How Los Angeles celebrated Christmas in the past

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Alison Martino, founder of a very popular facebook page Vintage LA. It's a repository of films, photos and memories of a Southern California that once was.
The story behind the best-selling Gospel album, Aretha Franklin's "Amazing Grace," recorded 40 years ago at New Temple Missionary Baptist church in South L.A.
A  worker paints the stage in front of t

The continued rise of Mexico's middle class

The great divide between the nation's rich and poor is breaking down as Mexico's middle class is becoming its majority. William Booth and Nick Miroff, who have been writing about this for the Washington Post, join the show.
U.S. Coast Guard Interdicts Drug-Carrying Submersible In Caribbean

For boat captain, rescuing maritime smugglers is part of the job

From the Fronteras Desk, Jill Replogle reports on the rise of sea smuggling of illegal immigrants and drugs from Mexico.
Mayan Calendar Suggests Civilization Will Soon End
As you may know, December 21, is the last day in the Mayan calendar. Many people have interpreted that as a sign of the apocalypse, our last day on Earth.But even if the world doesn't end today, that doesn't mean we're off the hook.
Nutcracker - AO - 1
There’s one important element to The Nutcracker you won’t find onstage, but is key to the ballet's production: parents who donate hundreds of hours.
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