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One mom explains which toys not to buy for her kids

by Take Two®

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People make their Christmas shopping in a toys shop on December 15, 2012 in Saint-Pierre-des-Corps, near Tours. ALAIN JOCARD/AFP/Getty Images

As you race to the store looking for that perfect gift for your adorable nephew or your prized granddaughter, please bear in mind, these kids have parents. What might be a terrific toy for a 10-year-old could be sheer hell for that child's mother and father.

"My house is full of toys that are taking over that just make me want to kill myself every day," said Karen Alpert, mother of two and writer of the blog 'Baby Sideburns.' Alpert recently wrote a blog post warning family and friends which toys are definitely off limits this year. 

Among the items she warns against gifting her kids include anything living, even fish. "Somebody was nice enough to give us a goldfish at a birthday party this summer," said Alpert. "It lasted about five days and all hell broke loose when the fish croaked."

Talking dolls are also off limits in Alpert's household. "I grew up with the movie 'Chucky,' and talking dolls scare me to death," said Alpert. "All these talking dolls say the stuff I hear all day, 'Mommy feed me,' 'Mommy I wet myself.' I don't need another set of lips telling me these things."

Lastly, Alpert says she likes to avoid stocking stuffers. "I call them crapola. Once in a while we have to go to McDonald's and we walk away with a cheap plastic toy that I feel like its just going to give my kid cancer anyway," said Alpert. "I just don't need more of that stuff."

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