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Update on outcome of Egyptian elections

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Egyptian men cast their ballots during the second round of a referendum on a new draft constitution in Giza, south of Cairo, on December 22, 2012. Egyptians are voting in the final round of a referendum on a new constitution championed by President Mohamed Morsi and his Islamist allies against fierce protests from the secular-leaning opposition. MAHMUD HAMS/AFP/Getty Images

Egypt appears to have voted in a new Islamist-backed constitution on Saturday, preliminary results indicate that the draft constitution passed with 64 percent of the vote. But overall turnout over the two-day election was low, just over 30 percent.

Critics decry the constitution as a betrayal of the revolution which deposed former President Hosni Mubarak, while supporters claim it will usher in stability and democracy to the nation, after weeks of political strife and violence

The "yes" vote mandates that parliamentary elections will follow within three months.

Cairo-based journalist Noelle King joins the show with analysis.

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