Take Two for December 27, 2012

Could gun liability insurance help curb gun violence?



An LAPD officer hold a collected assault weapon during the Gun Buyback Program event in the Van Nuys area of north Los Angeles on December 26, 2012. By noon the LAPD had collected more then 420 handguns, rifles, shotguns and assault rifles. Los Angeles' no-questions-asked gun buyback event, where weapons could be exchanged for up to $200, was held five months early after the Connecticut school shooting. Critics question the effectiveness of gun buyback events, arguing that the weapons surrendered tend to be the least likely to be used in criminal activities, such as guns which are old or malfunctioning.

Even though the nation is still reeling from the tragic Sandy Hook School shooting, passing gun control laws will not come easy. But would it be easier to get Congress to approve a law if it avoided banning any guns, and just imposed stricter restrictions?

John Wasik, contributor to Forbes.com, has such an idea for gun control: mandatory gun liability insurance.


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