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Take Two for December 27, 2012

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Gun Owners Map
A New York newspaper is coming under fire for publishing a map that identifies licensed gun owners in the area. The Journal News of suburban Westchester, New York published the map last week in the wake of the mass shooting in nearby Newtown Connecticut.

Could gun liability insurance help curb gun violence?

Even though the nation is still reeling from the tragic Sandy Hook School shooting, passing gun control laws will not come easy. But would it be easier to get Congress to approve a law if it avoided banning any guns, and just imposed stricter restrictions?John Wasik, contributor to Forbes.
Medical Clinic Starts Process Of Digitizing Records

Electronic medical records vulnerable to attack by hackers

Nearly four years ago, Congress mandated the widespread adoption of electronic health records. Since then, thousands of hospitals, clinics and doctors have made the move to digitize medical records.
Doctors Seek Higher Fees From Health Insurers

Primary care physician shortage worsening

The way things are going, finding a family doctor is going to be increasingly challenging. Fewer and fewer medical students are signing up to become primary care physicians.According to the American Medical Association only 2 percent said they were interested in practicing primary care.
Personal Drones

The new definition of drones

Earlier this month, Chris Anderson resigned as editor-in-chief of Wired magazine to team up with a 26-year-old engineering whiz from Tijuana. From the Fronteras Desk in San Diego, John Rosman says they plan to jumpstart what they call the, "personal drone industry."
House Festival

Our critics on the best music, trends of 2012 (Video)

Our regular music critics Steve Hochman, Josh Kun and Drew Tewksbury give us their top picks for 2012.
CA Governor Jerry Brown Holds News Conference On Pension Reform

A look at the new California laws coming in 2013

Governor Brown signed nearly 900 bills into law last year, many of which will take effect on Tuesday.For more on what you can and can't do in California come January 1st, we're joined by John Myers, he's the political editor for the ABC affiliate in Sacramento.
KPCC reporter Molly Peterson fills us in on the biggest environmental issues ahead in 2013.

Van Gogh's 'Self Portrait' comes to Los Angeles

The chief curator of Pasadena's Norton Simon Museum explains the historical importance of Vincent van Gogh's "Self Portrait," now on loan from the National Gallery of Art.
Allen Durand Nicholl Award
The Academy Awards aren't just for billion-dollar blockbusters and art-house films.
Russian Orphans - 8

Russian Adoption Ban: Tell us how the new law will affect you

Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he plans to sign a law banning all adoptions from his country to the U.S. It's retaliation for an American law that punishes Russian officials for human rights violations.

Can a re-imagined and walkable downtown save America?

The traffic in L.A. is enough to drive anyone crazy. But if you're city planner Jeff Speck, it could inspire you to write a book.

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