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Lack of funding continues to stymie gun-violence research

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Rifles are displayed for sale at a gun shop in Aurora, Colo., in July. Gun makers are feeling isolated by changing public attitudes. Alex Brandon/AP

The Centers for Disease Control used to study the relationship between guns and violence as a matter of public health, but their efforts were curtailed by Congress in 1996 after gun rights advocates accused them of using their research for political purposes, not science. $2.6 million in funding was cut from the CDC's budget that year, but later reinstalled for research on brain injuries. 

Many other groups that study gun violence have faced opposition from gun groups like the NRA and have also seen money dry up. The NRA claims research into gun violence is illegitimate, and often politically biased against gun owners.

To discuss the problems with getting gun violence research funded we are joined by UC Davis researcher Garen Wintemute.

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