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South Asian community in CA reacts to assault of 23-year-old woman in New Delhi

by Alex Cohen with Leo Duran | Take Two®

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Indian protesters hold placards during a rally in New Delhi on December 31,2012. The family of an Indian gang-rape victim said they would not rest until her killers are hanged as they spoke of their own pain and trauma over a crime that has united the country in grief. SAJJAD HUSSAIN/AFP/Getty Images

Now we take a look at how an event thousands of miles away is reverberating in Southern California. Yesterday in New Delhi, a vigil was held for the 23-year-old student who died of internal injuries sustained from a brutal gang rape. 

As had been reported by every major news agency in the world, the woman and her male companion were brutally assaulted on a bus on Dec. 16, then thrown off and left for dead. Hours after she passed away on Saturday, police charged the six men held in connection with the attack with murder.

For more on this brutal crime and how it has affected Indian Americans here in Southern California, we're joined now by Anu Jain, the director of operations and outreach at SAHARA, that's an Artesia-based group which provides assistance to domestic violence victims in Southern California's South Asian community.

Correction: A previous draft of this segment stated that the men were arrested on Saturday after the woman's death. They were actually arrested within days of the incident, but were charged with murder, in addition to the previous charges against them on Saturday.

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