Take Two for December 31, 2012

Obama Makes Statement On Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

Will Congress reach a deal on the fiscal cliff by midnight?

It's the last day of 2012 and when the ball drops at midnight we could be headed off that dreaded fiscal cliff that we've all been hearing about incessantly.
Health Insurance Provider Anthem Blue Cross To Hike Rates

Health insurance companies plan to increase rates in 2013

Hang onto your pocket books for this next story: Your health insurer may be planning double-digit rate increases in 2013.With more is the California Report's Mina Kim.
Junior's Deli

Junior's Deli closing after 53 years due to rent dispute

Finding a real Ruben sandwich next year in L.A. is about to get a little harder. Junior's Deli, a Westside institution, is closing its doors today.For 53 years it's been serving coronary inducing Jewish deli food to everyone from Hollywood stars to retirees.
Charles Phoenix

Charles Phoenix on the history of the Rose Parade

Pasadena is gearing up to play host to the 124th Rose Parade. For more on the history of the parade and tips for viewing, we turn to retro daddy extraordinaire Charles Phoenix.
Les Miserables

Hollywood Monday: 2012's record $10.8 billion box office

Rebecca Keegan of the Los Angeles Times joins Take Two to discuss the latest in film industry news.
Claire Danes in "Homeland."

The biggest TV trends in 2012

2012 had its share of hit shows from "Homeland" to "Honey Boo-Boo."
Now we take a look at how an event thousands of miles away is reverberating in Southern California. Yesterday in New Delhi, a vigil was held for the 23-year-old student who died of internal injuries sustained from a brutal gang rape.

Many Rose Bowl neighbors oppose hosting an NFL team

For many neighbors of the venerable stadium, UCLA games and the annual bowl contest are fine. Adding pro games is another matter.
Trayvon Martin Shooting Brings Florida's Gated Communities Under Spotlight

Neighborhood Watch groups go online to stop crime

When there's crime where you live, your local neighborhood watch may already be on the streets, watching for suspicious activity and reporting them to authorities. But that's old school.
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