Take Two for January 1, 2013

With 195,000 soldiers, the Afghan army is bigger than ever. But it's also unstable.
Zoobiquity - 1
When are animals like humans? More often than you think, at least according to a new movement that links human and animal behaviors. KPCC's Stephanie O'Neill reports.
Ken Jennings
We've all heard warning like, "Don't go swimming for an hour after you eat!" "Never run with scissors," and "Chew on your pencil and you'll get lead poisoning," from our parents and teachers.
The Fine Print

How companies use 'The Fine Print' to add fees to your bills

In "The Fine Print," Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Cay Johnston details how the U.S. tax system distorts competition and favors corporations and the wealthy.
Alex Cohen and Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard hits LA for series of rare, intimate shows

Eddie Izzard joins the show to talk about his series at the Steve Allen Theater, plus he fills us in about his new show, "Force Majeure."

New Music Tuesday: Tunes to soothe your New Year hangover

Our regular music critics Drew Tewksbury, Steve Hochman and Josh Kun join Alex Cohen and A Martinez for a special hour of music to help you get over your New Year’s Eve hangover.
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