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Take Two for January 3, 2013

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California Governor Jerry Brown Unveils State Pension Reform Program

A look at the biggest issues ahead for California in 2013

For once, here in California, a budget crisis is not at the top of the agenda. And 2013 is not an election year.Here to tell us which issues will be in play at the Capitol this year, we're joined by John Myers, political editor for the ABC affiliate in Sacramento.

The 113th Congress to be sworn in today

Today is moving day in Congress. Whatever you thought of the old Congress — that would be number 112 — you'll now have a new class to blame for fiscal cliffs and the like.
President Barack Obama

New immigration policy to ease family separation time

The Obama administration made a big change to its immigration policy yesterday. A new rule issued by the Department of Homeland Security aims to reduce the time immigrants are separated from their American families while applying for residency.
American Dialect Society
From the way Mormons speak to the influence of reality TV shows, a convention of American dialect experts meets tomorrow to track developments and the direction of American English.
Current TV-Al Jazeera
It's official. The Al Gore-founded cable news channel Current TV has been sold to Al Jazeera. The purchase gives Al Jazeera the opportunity to establish a bigger presence here in the United States.
Denny's Hobbit
Rico Gagliano from the Dinner Party talks with Alex Cohen about the Hobbit menu at Denny’s, the first emergency morse code sent to ships, and the discovery of King Louie’s blood on a handkerchief.

Fiscal cliff deal extends big tax breaks for Hollywood

Many of Hollywood's elite will be paying more in personal income tax under the new rules that were part of the fiscal cliff legislation. But the corporations that rule Hollywood came out as winners.
Tribune Co. Prepares For Possible Bankruptcy Filing
The Tribune Company, parent to the L.A. Times and Chicago Tribune, emerges from bankruptcy. It's board of directors reads like a who's who of the entertainment world, including executives from News Corp, Disney and Discovery. The group's background may signal which way the company moves as speculation swirls around the likelihood it will get rid of some assets.
Chris Downey Blind Architect

Blind architect finds inspiration in loss

Architect Chris Downey designed buildings for 20 years, but then he lost his eyesight. Using special technology he's managed to continue his career in architecture and help design buildings for the blind.
Sung Kim Instrument

San Francisco-area woodworker crafts new instruments, sounds

California woodworker Sung Kim creates musical devices that look and sound like nothing else. The California Report's Rachel Dornhelm has the story.
ESPN writer Tim Keown tells us how California’s Inland Empire has become the epicenter for a new generation of Mixed Martial Arts fighters.
San Francisco 49ers vs. Phoenix Cardinals
Adam Lazarus, author of the new book "Best of Rivals: Joe Montana, Steve Young, and the Inside Story behind the NFL's Greatest Quarterback Controversy," joins the show to talk about the rivalry between 49ers Joe Montana and Steve Young.

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