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Take Two for January 4, 2013

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Gen. Patraeus Testifies At Senate Armed Services Hearing On Afghan War
President Obama has yet to appoint a new secretary of defense, but one person on his reputed short-list could make history.
Zero Dark Thirty

'Zero Dark Thirty' prompts Senate inquiry

Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee want to see the filmmakers behind "Zero Dark Thirty," and it's not to express their congratulations on the film.

Friday Flashback: Job numbers, debt ceiling, and more

Now it's time for the Friday Flashback, our weekly wrap-up of the week's big news. Joining us from Washington today, David Gura, D.C.-based reporter for Marketplace, and James Rainey, political columnist for the L.
A Norfolk Southern freight train rumbles
First a riddle...Why did the train carrying biofuels cross the border 24 times in 13 days and never unload any cargo? Stumped? OK. Here's the answer: To earn millions of carbon credits.
National Geographic Channels' "2013 Winter TCA" Cocktail Party
The Television Critics Association meets with producers in Pasadena to get a preview of the year ahead. Some of the events ahead: Al Jazeera's takeover of Current TV and Jimmy Kimmel's move to the 11:35 slot, putting him up against late-night kings Leno and Letterman.
Most Americans get their drinking water from fresh water sources like lakes and rivers, or from groundwater drawn from wells. But freshwater supplies are falling at a time when demand is rising.
California Water Wars

SD County's water supply evolves under demand pressure

Southern California's growing thirst for fresh water continues to put pressure on the region's two main sources of imports: The ecologically troubled San Joaquin Delta and the overdrawn Colorado River.
Hollywood's Magic Castle.
For 50 years, the Magic Castle in Hollywood has cast its spell on both Angelenos and visitors alike, but it wasn't always a hideaway for purveyors of prestidigitation.
TO GO WITH China-Energy-Environment-Wind

Wind industry tax credits renewed by Congress

The wind industry is breathing a sigh of relief. Congress extended the sector's tax credits for another year.Lawmakers also restructured the deal so that any project started in 2013 can get the write-offs, even if they don't finish until years later.
Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers

Despite better record, Clippers' ticket demand trails Lakers

The Clippers soundly defeated the Lakers when they met early in the season and tonight is the highly anticipated rematch. “The Clippers versus Lakers is by the far the biggest Clippers game we’ve ever sold, bigger than the playoffs last year, but it’s partially because they’re playing the Lakers,” said broker Barry Rudin of Barry’s Ticket Service.
Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers

Clippers and Lakers face off tonight

Tonight the Lakers have an opportunity to avenge their early season loss to the Clippers. Since then, the Clippers have become one of the league's best teams, but KPCC's Ben Bergman looks at why their ticket prices still pale in comparison to the Lakers.
Three Kings Parade Held In New York
Well we can all relax now that the holidays are over, put away the wrapping paper, store the decorations. Wait, no, what about "El Dia de los Reyes?" It's also known as 12th night, the feast of the magi and it's celebrated all over the world. Even here in the US. But what is it?

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