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'Awesome Tapes' blog transports obscure cassettes beyond Africa's borders

Cover of a record by Woubeshet Feseha, 1976.
Cover of a record by Woubeshet Feseha, 1976.
Awesome Tapes Blog

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It's Tuesday, that day of the week when new records drop. Of course these days those new releases are usually CDs or digital downloads — they're seldom vinyl records or tapes. 

But there is one place where the cassette tape is still king: Africa. 

Blogger Brian Shimkovitz created the blog Awesome Tapes From Africa as a way to bring to light the wealth of cassette-based music from Africa into the mainstream. By digitizing hundreds of obscure, never-before-heard tapes and posting them on his blog, he's bringing music some of us here in the U.S. may never have heard otherwise.

Shimkovitz joins the show to tell us about why he started this project, what attracted him to these obscure tapes and what he hopes the blog will do to