Take Two for January 8, 2013

California assembly woman Nancy Skinner wants the state to track every bullet and shotgun shell sold in the state. She introduced AB-48 yesterday in Oakland and gun rights advocates are calling it an overblown reaction.
Cardinal Roger Mahony Celebrates Christmas Mass At The Cathedral Of Our Lady Of The Angels
The Archdiocese was set to release as a huge cache of internal church documents as part of a settlement reached more than five years ago, but an L.A. County Superior Court judge has put a kink in the plan.
Astronauts Diego Urbina of Italy (L) and
In the movie "Alien," astronauts like Ripley traveled through space in deep sleep chambers. But in real life, there's no short cut for traveling to distant planets.
Tom Bradley International Terminal

Campanile, other local restaurants hope for rebirth at LAX

The famous LA restaurant Campanile closed its doors in October as part of a plan to reopen at LAX. It's one of 15 local eateries coming to the airport.

Bluefin tuna sells for $1.76 million in Japan

Conservationists say the demand and rising price for bluefin tuna is decimating the fish's numbers around the world.
Wolf Tracking
A few days after Christmas, the state of California got an unusual visitor — A large gray wolf.
Awesome Tapes Blog
Blogger Brian Shimkovitz created the blog Awesome Tapes From Africa as a way to bring to light the wealth of cassette-based music from Africa into the mainstream.
Census Outreach Program Encourages People To Return Census Form
The U.S. Census is taken every 10 years, and there is one yes or no question everyone is asked: Is this person of Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin?
A number of Central American countries have been besieged by violent crime. Honduras, for example, now has the highest murder rate in the world, with 82 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants.
Elements Of Modern Military Are Displayed On Capitol Hill

The ramifications of a technologically enhanced military

The US military has been developing technologies to help boost troops‚ performance abilities for years. Now, a new study looks at the future of military enhancement. Max Mehlman joins the show to discuss the ethical ramifications of an enhanced military. Mehlman is the co-author of the study “Enhanced Warfighters.”
Stormwater Initiative - 6
At issue is responsibility for polluted water that flow into the Los Angeles and San Gabriel rivers, and eventually the Pacific Ocean, after heavy rainfalls.
Obama Gives Speech On Education At Virginia Middle School

California must move forward with No Child Left Behind

This year marks the 11th anniversary of the No Child Left Behind program. California applied for a waiver to have some of the requirements relaxed but was denied.
DC Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee Resigns From Post
Alex Cohen talks to filmmaker John Merrow about his upcoming Frontline documentary, "The Education of Michelle Rhee."
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