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Take Two for January 9, 2013

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NSW Continues Bushfire Battle Following Heatwave
According to a report by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2012 was the hottest year on record for the U.S. But in California, the snowpack is well above normal, so what's going on with the weather?
Five members of the drug cartel "Los Zet
Recent marijuana legalization measures in Washington and Colorado have sparked an international dialogue on drug policy, and how to change it.This is especially true in Latin American countries, where the drug trade has had deadly consequences.
Procter & Gamble To Buy Gillette For $57 Billion In Stock
One thing the cartels aren't dealing yet is laundry detergent, but they may start. U.S. law enforcement officials have noticed a curious trend of Tide detergent being used to buy drugs

Is California's prison crisis coming to an end?

Governor Jerry Brown is stepping up his campaign to end federal oversight of the state's prison system and quash a court order for further cuts in the inmate population. KQED's Michael Montgomery says Brown's message is simple: California's prison crisis is over.
Jack Black

Jack Black on 'Bernie,' accolades and Tenacious D

Actor Jack Black talks to Alex Cohen about his new film "Bernie," his Grammy and Golden Globe nominations, and the future of Tenacious D.
The shrinking number of immigrants coming into California means fewer children are born here. That, combined with an oncoming tidal wave of retirees could have serious consequences for the Golden State, according to a new report out this week.
Supreme Court Upholds Obama's Affordable Care Act
When the Affordable Care Act goes into effect, millions of new patients will have access to health care. But the law excludes undocumented immigrants, estimated to be about 11 million people nationwide.
2012 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot

Houston Rockets rookie Royce White's struggle with anxiety

The Houston Rockets selected power forward Royce White for their first pick in last June's NBA draft. White has refused to play a minute with the Rockets as he's locked in a bitter dispute with the team over how to handle treatment for his anxiety disorder.
President Hugo Chavez was scheduled to be inaugurated for a fourth term on Thursday, but the Supreme Court ruled that the celebration could be postponed so Chavez could recover from the "respiratory insufficiency" he suffered after emergency cancer surgery on December 11.
Florida Trains Hunters In Python Eradication

2013 Python Challenge kicks off this weekend in Florida

This Saturday will not be a good day for Burmese Pythons in Southern Florida. That's when the Python Challenge starts, a government-sponsored, month-long snake hunt, complete with cash prizes for catching the most and longest pythons.

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