Take Two for January 10, 2013

Oscar nominations: Who came out on top and who got snubbed?

Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln

Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln.

Life of Pi

Courtesy 20th Century Fox

Suraj Sharma as Pi Patel in "Life of Pi," which earned a best picture nomination.


Courtesy Warner Bros.

Ben Affleck as Tony Mendez in "Argo," which earned a best picture nomination.

Zero Dark Thirty

Still from the film "Zero Dark Thirty" starring Jessica Chastain.

'Beasts of the Southern Wild' movie poster

"Beasts of the Southern Wild," directed by Benh Zeitlin.

The big movie news is the Oscar nominations, and by now, you probably already know the big winner was a movie about a big guy, "Lincoln."

Daniel Day Lewis, as Abraham Lincoln, received a Best Actor nomination, one of 12 the film earned, including Best Picture. Close behind, "Life of Pi," "Zero Dark Thirty," "Argo" and "Les Miserables."

Studios spend millions on campaigns to secure nominations, and then millions more trying to win Oscars. So, in political terms, the primaries are now over, and we are into the general election campaign.

Joining us from her office at the Los Angeles Times, our regular entertainment analyst, Rebecca Keegan, who has been up since before dawn. 

2013 Oscar nominees by scprweb

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