Take Two for January 10, 2013

CA insurance commissioner Dave Jones critical of Anthem Blue Cross rate hike

David McNew/Getty Images

The Anthem Blue Cross headquarters is seen after the health insurer began informing its individual policyholders of rate hikes up to 39 percent to take effect at the beginning of March, on February 9, 2010 in Woodland Hills, California. Anthem Blue Cross, which has the highest number of individual customers in California, raised rates by as much as 68 percent in 2009. Health insurance companies in California can legally raise their rates at any time by as much and as they want.

Thousands of small businesses may have to spend more on healthcare this year. Anthem Blue Cross says companies with fewer than 50 employees will see their premiums increase by an average of 6 percent in 2013. 

In some cases it could be much higher, as much as 17 percent. Anthem says the higher premiums are necessary to cover rising medical costs

But Dave Jones, the state insurance commissioner, isn't so sure.

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