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Southern California cold snap threatens citrus farming

by Take Two®

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Icicles created by drip irrigation are illuminated by a cars headlights as they hang from an orange tree January 17, 2007 in Orange Cove, California. California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency as an estimated 70% of California's citrus crops have been damaged by a severe cold snap that is bringing below freezing tempuratures to California's central valley. The cold is expected to continue through January 21. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

 First we're going to start with the news everyone is talking about: the cold weather. Downtown Los Angeles hit a record low this morning at 35 degrees. 

The cold snap is now in its fifth day, but we're not burning surfboards yet. There's no question that most of us are being forced out of our comfort zone. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel, a New Yorker, poked fun at Angelenos inability to deal with the weather on his late night talk show:

All kidding aside, there are folks facing real economic consequences from the cold snap: Citrus growers.

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