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China's state-run media recognizes severe air pollution, calls for change

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A child wearing a mask walks in a park in Beijing on January 15, 2013. Public anger in China at dangerous levels of air pollution, which blanketed Beijing in acrid smog, spread as state media queried official transparency and the nation's breakneck development. ED JONES/AFP/Getty Images

The "airpocalypse" is the term being used to describe the record high levels of pollution in China's northern region, including the capital city of Beijing. In recent days, the poor air quality has sent hundreds to local hospitals for respiratory problems, and the thick smog closed freeways and airports because of poor visibility.

The country has even issues an "orange fog warning," due to diminishing visibility, and even the usually mum state-run media has been covering the issue and calling for emergency measures to curb pollution.

The smog is finally starting to dissipatem, but will all that pollution blowing out to sea hit the West Coast? 

Kim Prather, professor of atmospheric chemistry at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, joins the show to tell us more. 

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