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Sir Ernest Shackleton's epic Antarctic journey to be recreated by adventurers

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Left to right - Wild, Shackleton, Marshall, Adams. The four members of the party that set out to attempt to become the first to reach the South pole, they were defeated by the weather, but also a lack of supplies and suitable equipment just 97 miles from the South Pole, a point they reached on January the 9th 1909. Ernest Shackleton (1874-1922) British Imperial Antarctic Expedition "Nimrod - Expedition", 1907 -1909.

Now we turn to Antarctica, where an expedition is about to embark on a re-enactment of a famous, and perilous journey. Almost one hundred years ago, British explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton's attempt to cross Antarctica on foot ended when the ship carrying his expedition was crushed by ice and sank. 

Shackleton then left most of his crew on desolate Elephant Island and set in out a tiny lifeboat out to find help. His efforts to rescue his men has gone down in the history books as one of the most daring journeys ever. 

Tomorrow, weather permitting, adventurer Tim Jarvis will lead a team of six on what would be the first authentic re-enactment of Shackleton's historical journey across the stormy Southern Ocean.

Tim Jarvis joins us from Antarctica as he makes final preparations. 

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