Take Two for January 17, 2013

Will Dunkin' Donut's SoCal expansion hurt mom and pop shops?

dunkin' donuts to california

Photo by Qfamily via Flickr Creative Commons

Dunkin' Donuts says it will open 170 stores in Southern California in 2015.

Did you hear that yelp of joy? That was your friend, the East Coaster, learning Dunkin' Donuts is expanding into Southern California. More than 150 stores starting in 2015.

Others, though, wonder whether the Massachusetts chain will threaten doughnut business at the mom 'n pop shops that dot L.A.'s rich food landscape. 

For more, we're joined by two doughnut experts from each of the coasts. Dan Pashman hosts the Sporkful podcast and blog from New York, and Zach Brooks blogs about the L.A. food scene at MidtownLunch.com.

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